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Use MemberBuy!

Get more value for every dollar spent while supporting small businesses in your local community.

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What does MemberBuy provide?

MemberBuy is designed for Australian consumers and businesses to make the most of their local market. We’ve partnered with many local businesses in your community to bring you more choice, more value, and help you save more money.  

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How does MemberBuy work?

Use MemberBuy to browse, buy and redeem offers from your favourite local businesses. 

All offers are created by the merchant and the offer T&Cs are defined by the merchant.

When you buy the offer, you agree to the T&Cs outlined by the merchant.

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How to sign up for MemberBuy?

It's easy!

Simply download the app and follow the prompts to create your MemberBuy account.


Referral Program

Receive $20 M-Voucher when you refer your friends to MemberBuy.

They will also get $20.

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How to Use MPAY

Easy steps to pay and earn MemberBuy Shop Credits.

More info...


How to Use M-Voucher

M-Vouchers are credit vouchers. Here's how to use it.

More info...

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