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App Features to Bring More Sales and Customers

Are you looking for tools to help your business increase sales and get more customers? MemberBuy app features are designed to help your business thrive.


MPay is the payment function and loyalty program combined in one.

Whenever your customer uses MPay, it automatically generates Shop Credit vouchers they can use at their next visit. It's a hassle-free way to encourage repeat sales.

Flash Sales

Flash Sales are highly-discounted deals available for a very short time, with a capped quantity. Once a flash sale is created, it runs on autopilot. Flash sales are perfect for getting quick sales, maximising exposure, and introducing new products.

Special Deals

Special deals are long term promotions. MemberBuy is a highly flexible tool that allows you to create any deal for your business. You can run multiple deals simultaneously and have complete control to change your deals in real-time.


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