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How to Get the Most Out of MemberBuy

The goal of MemberBuy is to help local business get new customers and encourage repeat sales.

Here's how you can use MemberBuy as part of your promotional strategy to grow your business:

  1. Create offers on the MemberBuy app to help your business move stock. Consider creating a discount offer or buy one get one free promotion to sell slow-moving stock.

  2. Attract new customers using an irresistible offer. Often a low entry offer attracts many new customers to your store. Low priced offers have less resistance from new customers to try your store. If you provide a good product or service, there's no reason why customers wouldn't purchase from you again.

  3. Use an offer that generates repeat sales rather than a one time offer. You can do this using MemberBuy's package functions. Create voucher bundles, or sell monthly memberships to encourage customers to return to your store more often.

  4. Use MemberBuy to promote your business. The app is free to use. When you setup your online store and create two offers, your store will automatically appear on the main search page. This means more exposure for your brand.

  5. Manage your offers accordingly - assess how your staff is handling the influx of orders and make adjustments. You can activate or deactivate an offer in real-time to manage stock levels and staff capacity.

  6. Ensure your offers have:

    1. Great value – it needs to be irresistible and enticing for the customer.

    2. Professional looking photography – great image sells!

    3. Clear description – the more information you can provide your potential customers about your deal, the more confidence you'll give them to buy from you. Customers will not buy from you if they do not understand what you are offering.

If you're new to MemberBuy and want more information on how we can help your business, feel free to contact us by email, social media, or WeChat.


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